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Sunday, January 09, 2005

The Chocolate/Chewing Gum Dichotomy

“Oh no. Oh no. You’ve got it all wrong. You think you’re chocolate, but you’re chewing gum.” An oddly appropriate and concise lyric I heard this week.

Napoleon Dynamite- quite funny.
Anchorman- not so much (except for Steve Carrell and the punting of the dog).

The weekend was quite nice, a wild night of debauchery on Friday, followed by chill, low key evening with friends on Saturday. The first night was dirty moves; the second night was dirty talk.

While thrift store shopping, I saw two hipster-types (male-female couple) walk into the store. They were both wearing austere eyewear and looked disturbingly alike. JD said she could never date anyone with similar glasses as she because it just looks too creepy. I agreed and said I should never do it because then it just looks like I literally wanted to fuck myself. The one store had an array of cornea-burning yellow sweatshirts, which should never ever be worn outside of a construction site. On our way back to the car, we saw a man actually wearing one. We gave him the benefit of the doubt and decided he was probably wearing it so that he wouldn’t be hit by a car…or a plane.

Other odds and ends from recent days:

-Although I had no official Christmas break, my vacation from some other things is officially over.

-Someone told me I was the most mature 22 year-old he ever met. Then I told him I was 27. He said, “Oh.”

-Actually having neighbors I can walk and see at any time has been very, very interesting.

-Resolutions continuing to go well. Will sign up for Broad Street Run this week. Steely resolve continues to steadily build.

-11 days until Booby McStupid hits the airwaves. Inquire within about The Apprentice 3 Party circuit.

-Try the Pineapple Knockouts at Sullivan’s Steakhouse. Don’t try the frozen raspberry margaritas at the Chili’s on 13th and Filbert.

-The strippers at “Wild Things” can make change for a 5-dollar bill.

-Picking me up and dragging me from the dance floor? Not a good way to score points.

-Brandon Flowers, sigh.


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