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Thursday, January 20, 2005

If Music Is The Victim Then So Am I (Of Your Bad Fun)

Since the last time I blogged, my quizzo team has been twice victorious. I would say it’s getting old, but it’s really not. We have fun winning week after week, and last night was also special since we won the music round (which means a free round of beer) that concentrated specifically on TV Theme Songs. Super Mario Brothers AND Moonlighting, included. Jigga, please…

I saw the Scissor Sisters last Thursday with Chop and we had a wonderful time. We ran into rival quizzo team while we were there and they dragged us out (arms twisted) afterwards to play Bingo. The concert was pretty fun; the group is so energetic. I danced with some random strangers and we were on our way. They played all the songs I wanted to hear, including a widely rumored cover of Franz Ferdinand’s “Take Me Out.” (Eeeee!) Literally ran into JR at the concert (face-first), since I always see him when I am good and drunk. He thought Chop and I were dating. Yikes. More about him in a bit.

We met up with JD and the other quizzos at Pure for Bingo conducted by a drag queen who should have been wearing a less revealing shirt. The other quizzos are so nice now, but I still don't feel bad beating them.

We didn’t win at Bingo, but we were approached by another group of people who wanted to hang out with us. Weird. JD and Chop got to the bottom of it; a Mormon wanted to get to know me. Get to know each other we did. And now my old roommate Brian can never let me get away with teasing him about Mormons again. I should say that I don’t even think he’s a practicing Mormon (I have it on good authority he does things that good Mormon boys just don’t. I have seen “Latter Days.” I know what’s up.), but I will call him the Mormon anyway. He’s from Utah. That’s what happens. He’s cute, like a young looking Brandon Flowers. The very next night I ran into him again at Tragos while out with college girls. Fun coincidence. (Tragos- good fun, got to make out with a girl from college-CL!) Next night saw him again. Coincidence? Not so much. Mormon updates to follow.

I am wearing Goth until Jen and Brad get back together. If they can’t make it in this world, then who can? Oh, and my TV is still broken. Why hast Phillips forsaken me?

I have heard so many rumors about me lately, I feel like I am Lindsay Lohan. I wish my life were as exciting as what the kids at Penn Law think it is. I understand gay men need gossip like it’s air (tm Doyle), but seriously. It’s like the Voltron of gossip there, dangerous as individuals but even more dangerous as they come together to form this massive, robotic, behemoth of untruth (or slight truth). Sometimes there are things that are just too unfounded and unsanitary to believe. And it's especially disappointing on it when rumors make others mad, and they should know better than to believe them. And I thought it was bad being the ONLY one in my class. Being gay is, and should be, one of the least interesting things about you. That being said, it’s often fun to watch petulant indignation spin into deluded neuroses -- from the outside.

JR is back. We had a couple drinks before, during and after quizzo. All cards are on the table. We had to clear up a few rumors he heard, natch. (See above. Thanks!) And it turns out we still have a lot in common as far as goals and extra-curricular activities. And that anyone’s backing away would be a bad thing. About my messiness, he comments “this is a psychosis.” Being able to make the best of bad timing is such an admirable quality. Wanting to make it to work on time the morning after, though, is just annoying. He’s still the best at twin bed space management— you got to love artists and their spatial relations capabilities. Sigh.

In a touching/creepy moment , VLS student who is not out came up to me at a bar the other night to thank me for being an out SBA President. He said no one knew he was gay (wrong), but it made him happy to see someone who was gay could “be trusted with authority.” I am not sure what to make of it, but it’s nice to see someone felt good about it. I guess.

The pride of VLS stars on the Apprentice! Wear your favorite turquoise power suit to celebrate. I will be attending an Apprentice Party in her honor. It should be amazing. And 34B? My ass.

As Jake Shears would say, "It's a struggle, living like a good boy ought to..."


  • At 3:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It was good for me... cl

  • At 5:53 PM, Blogger BS said…

    Speaking of dirty rumors, I heard an especially dirty one with regards to you and quizzo. It goes like this: your cousin or some relative of you or your teammates is the quizzo "caller" and hence scorer and he gives your team all sorts of extra point because he likes you guys best and therefore makes sure you guys win.

    Now, I am very familiar with Zachary and his almost creepy mastery of the minutiae that I imagine would be the subject of these quizzo games (although I have never been to one myself). However, the collusion and fraud theory was told in a very convincing manner with alleged first-hand knowledge, so I guess I'm torn. But, I'm just glad I can add one more rumor to this mill. Maybe Z can blog about it. ;-)


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