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Friday, August 05, 2005

Color My World

I need your help, Philadelphia residents. Can anyone please help figure out what is going on around the intersections of 12th and Locust and Walnut Streets? For the past week, there have been vans upon vans lining the side of the road. Out of the vans popped camera crews and a band of miscreants armed with paintbrushes and fluorescent paint. Earlier in the week, it just looked like they were painting the side of 12th Street Gym, but then as the days progressed; more and more things were being painted.

These painters and their film crews have attacked all of the sidewalks with in a block. They have painted buildings, mailboxes, and I kid you not, when I walking home yesterday I saw them painting a bus. A whole bus! I feel like if you walk slowly enough past them, they will paint you. Consider yourself warned. So much for being a peripatetic in the neighborhood.

Rainbows everywhere! We really don’t need any more rainbows. People get it. I think everyone can tell that it’s the gayborhood by the fact that there is some combination of 10 foot tall tranny hookers, a gigolo that looks like Little Orphan Annie (you know the one) or over-muscled freaks in sleeveless shirts on these corners at any given moment of the day.

I am not against art or the beautification of things in general.

I am trying to figure out why I am so enraged by this every time I walk by. First of all, everyone painting or filming just looks like a complete douchebag. I can’t put my finger on why, exactly, but they just do. I have a healthy, gut instinct about these things. Also, they are rude; they wouldn’t let me walk near them yesterday. That’s fine to tell me to cross the street, but they also made some poor woman in a wheelchair cross the road so she wouldn’t be in the way. They’re making me feel bad for the less fortunate. That’s really annoying!

An insider friend of mine reports that there was a mentally challenged person who was told to walk elsewhere, he got angry and started to yell at the paint crew. The person became so agitated that he fell. While normally, this would qualify as comedy gold, it just isn’t cool when you come to my hood and dis people. I wish I had enough street cred to get away with saying that.

Another friend of mine, JC, tried to put things in perspective for me, “At first I thought it was just to annoy me, but then I realized, it was just to annoy everyone.”

I need to do some more investigation, and I will try to post pictures soon. If anyone has any information or personal stories related to the painting of the streets, please send them my way.

Random closing thoughts:

Happy Birthday KC! Even though you hate my blog.

What is it about the past year of my life and boys with connections to Missouri? Again and again.

Someone buy me this shirt.

All weekend long, America’s Next Top Model Marathon on VH1.

Nervous breakdown is back! Drink to that a la hora feliz, hermanas y hermanos!


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