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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Gay/Countergay: Project Runway "Makeover"

In order to fully embrace each delicious nook and cranny of last night's shocking Project Runway episode, we at the True have joined up with the brilliant CEO of Nervous Breakdown to have an email recap. (You can see an exact replica of this transcript on his much better designed site). It's presented in dialogue form. Remember, with Gay/Countergay, you're either out or you're out.

The NB, 11:23 a.m.
Daniel V. went insane last night.

TEFY, 11:28 a.m.
Yeah, and I actually never realized how pretty Kara was. She had some really cute moments. I think Chloe looked bad mostly because she is 4'2''. I have more commentary. I need to pull it all together.

And sadly, I can see a Chloe, Santino, Kara final 3 now. You watch it happen. Ugh.

The NB, 11:34 a.m.
Um...I think I'll have to disagree with you on the Kara/pretty statement. Though, certainly, she should never have been in a jumpsuit like that.

Daniel has to be in the top 3. He's won the most challenges! See, thisis where shows like this start to really bother me. So Kara had a good night last night. Great. But she's never won a challenge. Clearly Nickis a better designer than Kara, but he had a bad night. Fine. But why should he go home? It should be like, Kara, you did wonderfully tonight but remember the "No Trespassing" from two weeks ago? We're going to have to send you home.

Anyway, Daniel V. got a little bitchy, too, last night. The flippant "Lucky me" on the runway was quite unexpected.

TEFY, 11:46 a.m.
There are moments when you can see that Kara has a very natural beauty to her. If she cared how she looked and if someone dressed her insomething that wasn't a mauve tube sock with glued-on accessories, she would probably be lovely. You can also tell she has a lot more personality than what the producers are letting you see. Which is why she likely won't be final 4. But at this rate who knows?

Chloe. We are over her, right? Even though she's going to probably win? I would wear what she made, sure. But if Nick doesn't have something just like it in his closet already, I would be shocked. At least it wasn't turquoise. Again. I would be curious to see her whole line because she doesn't show much variety for me.

Oh, and Michael Kors, fuck you. Like you would *never* wear a vest with a pink back. Puh-lease. It's moments like that when I am pissed to be a homo.

Daniel. Hi, you're 24. Get thee over thy self. I love you like the brother I had committed against his will, but you took Chloe within an inch of having to say "me love you long time." There have been several challenges that he won that could have gone to someone else, easily. I think he won the close battles because of his affable personality and gracious acceptance of criticism, constructive orotherwise. Last night he was wearing an ugly color, and I don't mean on his glossy Ann Taylor pantsuit.

One reason I think he might not make it is that I think the judgesmight want to see what kind of lines they would put out. At this point, have we seen basically everything Daniel can do? His youth andinexperience showed for the first time last night.

Santino. I think his line would be fascinating to see. One problemwith this whole season is that with immunity at stake last year,people were desiging to WIN. This year, people design just so theycan sail to the next round. That's one thing you can't say about Santino most of the time. He really puts it all out there. I think he's gross, a really reprehensible person on physical and persona-based levels. But he makes stuff interesting. That said, last night he was stupid and lazy and probably should have been kicked off.

And......I am a loser.

The NB, 12:06, p.m.
Yes, the two straight guys I watched last night's episode with howled louder than I did when Kors said he wouldn't wear a vest with a pink back.

Chloe. Over her? Hmmm. I did enjoy her outfit for Nick. It fit nicely and looked well put-together. She herself has always been boring, though. And her constant, CONSTANT repetition of "This my first time menswear designer" had me repeatedly screaming "THEY LIKE YOUR DESIGN. SHUT UP!" at my television.

Kara I just don't know what to do with. I don't know if it's the editing, but I've never gotten a secure feeling from her. She seemsapt enough. But eh. I really think "No Trespassing" put me over the edge.

Your thoughts on Daniel and Santino are mostly right on. I do thinkthat Daniel really does put thought into his designs, moreso than Santino. And I think it's been evident that that causes him toconstruct his clothes in a more careful manner. Daniel shows betterthan Santino. Though I think Santino is more likely, eventually, toreally create something stunning. He just needs to pull it together.

And, yes, Daniel's young, but I don't think we've seen all he can do.He's just beginning. That could be his downfall or his ultimate asset.

All in all, I can't see Kara making it to the final three. The only reason I think a woman could win is because a man (kind of) won lastyear. But I think the proper winner of this season should be Daniel or Santino. Or Tim Gunn for not shooting himself within three minutes of meeting these people.

TEFY, 12:28 p.m.
Also, I forgot maybe my favorite part of the show when Santino said that Kara's sleeve ripped when the 5 of them were jumping around and celebrating!

Kara's response: .....[South African wince] .........

The NB, 12:39, p.m.
Kara stood there like a fool. She might have been able to bring Santino down. It's kind of amazing how these shows actually do illustrate how people handicap themselves in trying not to hurt someone else's feelings. The goal is to win. Screw decorum. Doesn't Kara know about MySpace for making friends? Path-e-tic.

TEFY, 12:41, p.m.
It might also be that: 1. She's actually really nice. 2. She doesn't have the out-for-blood vigor that Americans inately possess or 3. She was thinking of a hat.

OMG, are you on myspace?!?!?!



  • At 2:00 PM, Blogger somegirl said…


    i want to be nervyb's myspace friend too.

    he can get to santino, andrae, and daniel franco from my friends then.

    see, i bring something to the table we call "incentive."

  • At 2:17 AM, Blogger Kevin Derrick said…

    you know you've hit the bigtime when you refer to yourself as an acronym... TEFY indeed.


    ps yes, it IS 2 am and i'm reading your blog. drunk. and alone. isn't that how you write it??

  • At 5:07 PM, Blogger The Pot said…

    i can't stand santino, although he does do a pretty funny immitation of michael kors.


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