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Friday, January 20, 2006

Two Different Socks!

I hope to have my computer delivered this Saturday or early next which time I will be able to add links to the side of my page and blog more frequently than whenever work gets slow. For you that means more of me in your lives.

Fourfour linked to me without my begging or pleading. He does the best recaps of Project Runway and America's Next Top Model ever. He's a big online crush for me, so it's kind of a big deal.

Just so you know, I went to a cardio/dance class at my gym last night called Madonnalicious. It's gayer than it sounds. To make up for it, I hope to play poker and watch tons of football this weekend.

Also, I am wearing two completely different socks today because I am profoundly incompetent in the morning.

Ooooh, how about that Zachary from American Idol the other night. Right? He reminds me of Tatum O'Neill in Bad News Bears. And while you are watching the Trainwreck that is La Idol, try out this drinking game. Note that however much you imbibe, you will still be more coherent than Paula Abdul. But I mean, we're just shooting fish in a barrel now.

I always knew that Barbie, with her wildly inaccurate body proportions was a bit of a skeeze. That said, when given the chance, I would almost always pick a foreign man.

This guy is more Italian than Yos or Marcello. And that's pretty fcuking Italian.

After 1+1=2, the next most logical equation is: Jews + Rappers = Lawsuit.

Tonight? Maybe Sex Dwarf at Fluid?


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