True Enough For You

Check your thighs in the mirror, ma. I'm done.

Friday, April 07, 2006

I Am the New Lucille Ball

You might not think that I just stretched my foot out and stepped on
an extention cord, shutting off many computers and, more importantly,
erasing copious amounts of work just now.

You'd be wrong, though. I did.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Passion of the Katie

In a shocking - shocking- turn of events Katie Couric announced this
morning that she was leaving the Today Show for the greener pastures
of the CBS Nightly News Division (and a salary comprised of heretofore
possibly uninvented numbers).

Minutes later in Philadelphia it began to snow. Coincidence?

Lesson: Sometimes when the tears of angels fall on a sad, sad Earth
that just received so crushing a blow, it can even snow in the

Godspeed, Couric.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Update: I Am Still A Jackass

Remember when I used to complain about being unemployed?

Well, now I work a lot. I have been putting in long hours and not blogging from the workplace until I can figure out how to make it look better. The fact that the side of the paragraphs aren't justified really bothers me. And for some reason, that's how it posts when I email my thoughts in. Work, though, is good. The people are nice and the work is somewhat challenging. It's not what I want to end up doing forever and ever.

I also wanted to take time to think about the direction in which I want to take the blog. I want to bring it make to more personal stories and my own funny experiences and memories than things I watch on tv. Though, I will still talk about that, since sadly, it is a major part of my life. (That said, watch So NoTorious. It's hilarious.)

My social life has been constrained just as bit, as I have been trying to get to bed earlier and trying to exercise more. But once that phase is over, I am sure that I will be doing completely irresponsible things during the week. Right now, those things have been basically saved for the weekend. In order to maintain balance, I have tried to act much more irresponsibly on the weekends. That way I can be just as much of a jackass in a compressed amount of time.

I also don't know if I like the way the blog looks, so I may be experimenting with different backgrounds and stuff until I find something that grabs me. If someone wants to design me something amazing for free and then teach me how to use it, I would be grateful. I couldn't compensate you with anything more than a smile and martini.

Oh, and before I get to bed, this whole NCAA Tournament has been amazing. It's a shame that the final game is on right now, and I couldn't give a shit who wins. Now I know how my other gay friends feel all the time.