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Friday, March 10, 2006

Back In One Piece

One of the many perks of starting a job downtown after a while in the
suburbs is all the excitement of walking the streets and wondering who
you'll see.

For example, while I was going to Wawa to grab my afternoon tea, I saw
a familiar face from college. It wasn't someone I attended school
with, but DMX, the rapper. I used to listen to him a bit in the old
days when I was more "street."

I passed him off at first, thinking that it couldn't be he because he
was shorter than I would have expected. After grabbing my tea a
second time, I could more clearly see that he was adorned with his
signature Ruff Riders diamond necklace. Not to mention, there were
plenty of women and men there clammoring for his attention, claiming
to be his "ho's" or "dogs," respectively.

I waited to say hello to him, clearly the palest of his fans, in a new
Banana Republic sweater and pants set, to boot.

Mr. D, as one woman called him, knew I stood out. He said, "Whatchu
want, my man?"

"I just wanted to say hi."

"You want my picture?"

"No. That's ok. Just wanted to say hello. Have a nice day."

"Um, ah-ight," replied one confused rapper.

So, now I can say I said hello to DMX. It should be known that he is
very handsome, he was very nice to all of his actual fans and his skin
was impeccable.

Ride or die, he often says. Today, I rode.


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